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Old In The New is an online hub for ideas on home renovations and commercial construction projects. Our editorial team is a big believer in fruitful construction projects, but we also know how these projects can be costly and daunting. For this reason, we offer highly-curated content to help our readers build establishments, create spaces and finish construction projects — minus the stress that come with these projects.

We aim to help our readers turn their construction dreams into a reality (an affordable one, if we can help it). Whether you are preparing for a kitchen renovation or making a blueprint for a big construction project, you can find the information you need in our pages.

The Beginnings of Old In The New

Breathing new life into old things — this statement fueled our want to create a space for people in the construction industry or readers who want to make changes in their homes. Our blog features articles on interior design, construction, landscaping and renovations.

We also focus on providing design inspirations and practical tips for revitalizing old structures. So, if you need help with a renovation, Old In The New is the online space to be. Browse through our web pages for opinions or blogs on renovations and constructions.

If you want to breathe new life into an old building or create new structures, welcome to our online space!

Our Writers

Tim Parker

Tim is the head architect of a local construction firm in New York city. He enjoys creating designs for redevelopments, structure alterations and new construction projects. When he’s not designing buildings, Tim is perfecting latte art.

Gloria Paiz

Gloria owns a landscaping business that specializes in commercial yardwork and garden designs. Her green thumb has blessed countless businesses with gorgeous shrubbery and gardens. She is also a mother of two and an avid fan of reality TV. 

Shane Roberts

Interior designer Shane is a big fan of reinvigorating old spaces, which is why he specializes in renovations. Nothing brings him more joy than installing a new backsplash in your kitchen. His cat Luffy also brings him joy during the weekends.

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