Canadian SWAT bust Toronto man with a Lego BrickGun

by jdarlack ~ December 5th, 2009

Click the image to see details on the BrickGun site.

Jeremy Bell of Teehan+Lax (a design firm in Toronto) got quite a surprise last Tuesday when Toronto Police Emergency Task Force crashed into his office and handcuffed him based on a report that he had a handgun. Turns out that the handgun was a life-like Lego model of a semi-automatic pistol (with a removable clip) made by BrickGun. A ‘neighbor’ saw him assemble the gun in his office, reported it to the police, and the Toronto Police took him quite seriously!

I read the story on The Brothers Brick, where they have a short interview with Jeremy. Jeremy also blogs about the experience. The story pops up at the GlobalToronto and the Torontoist.

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  1. Bill Bradley

    How funny! I loved Legos as a kid. This guy took it to a whole new level.

    I wonder who reported him… maybe it was a practical joke by someone at his office?

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